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Come play with us!



At Doggy Playdates, we know some dogs need a little more or maybe a lot more than just a 30-minute walk.  So, we created an opportunity for your fur baby to go out on an adventure in the beautiful outdoors!

Your pup will be encouraged to sniff all the bushes, trees, flowers and whatever other scents intrigue them!  They will be encouraged to run, chase, play tug-of-war and fetch with their furry friend’s! They will be treated for listening and playing well with others! They will be loved and cared for as if they were our own!

two brown and white dogs running dirt ro

Doggy Playdates is a fully insured organization that puts safety and health as top priorities. Therefore, we are Cat & Dog First Aid and CPR Certified. 

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Doggy Playdates - Cat & Dog First Aid an
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Image by Al Lucca

We will pick up your pup from home, bring them to a large
off-leash dog park for 90-120 minutes to get their wiggles out, and give them the exercise they need to be a healthy dog!  We will towel dry and brush them off depending on how much they became “one with mother nature” during their play. Once home we let them relieve themselves before they enter the house, fill their water bowl, and tuck them in for a rest before you arrive home.  They will be happy, healthy and content for the night.

After a long day at work, you will be able to pick up the kids, make dinner and do all the nightly routines knowing your pup is happy, healthy, and calm.  They will be content with snuggling up to you when the night comes to an end, and it is time to rest!  



At Doggy Playdates, we offer a variety of services. No two visits are the same! We want each experience to be optimal for your fur baby. With our many options for play locations, depending on the day, weather and opportunity, we'll find the right fit every time.

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Reserve your Playdate, change your pet's visits.

Doggy Profile

Let us get to know your fur baby. Everything from what they eat, behaviors and 
special requests.


Keep in touch with us online and find the right service for you and your friend.


Receive photos, updates, and notes on your smartphone while we play.

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Pay Online

Keep track of invoices and manage your payment method.

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 From time to time I would run into Laura at the park with other dogs, and I would see how excited Moose was to see her and how well she interacted with him. Not only does Moose get to play and burn off energy, but he also receives proper and consistent care through positive reinforcement and other training methods. I consider myself a loyal customer to Doggy Play Dates, and would not consider any other provider to care for my pets!

Doggy Playdates - Pita & Jenna relaxing.

Ben & Kay

Our fur babies are in love with their doggy play dates and the owner Laura Mork.

Laura has become part of our family. Our dogs (Pita & Jenna) have become more socially involved as a result of their times with Laura, and the other dogs they meet and play with.  It has opened a whole new world to both of our babies.

Thanks Laura and Doggy Playdates.

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So Laura is AMAZING at her job. She not only takes care of my husky and makes sure he’s happy, she communicates to me through out the day about how he is doing when she’s with him. She takes my dog to different dog parks with other dogs, she makes sure he has water, and she sends me pictures of how happy he is while I’m at work. This takes so much stress off of me and lets me know how happy he is even when I’m not home. 

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