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Services at Doggy Playdates


Doggy Playdates ​provides a way for families to give their dogs exercise in a fun, safe and healthy environment during the workday. 

At Doggy Playdates, we want to make the playdates as easy and convenient as possible!  We pick up your dog from your home or office and drop them off after the visit. No two visits are the same, since the off-leash area is specifically chosen based on the temperature and pack of the day!

While a 30min walk may be enough exercise for some dogs, others may need more time to burn off a bit more energy.  Therefore, we created a way for dogs to stretch their legs in a full run and to play safely with their furry friends.

We are all dog lovers so we understand what it's like to miss your pup at work. Therefore, a photo of your dog posing, candidly playing with his friends, or exploring the environment will be sent to you to brighten your day.

  • Dogs are master explorers!  They love to sniff, run and play in trees and brush!  Doggy Playdates gives your dog the opportunity to do this safely and freely!

  • Doggy Playdates will give your dog the opportunity to play and socialize with other furry friends!

  • Daily exercise for your pup helps to prevent obesity, heart disease, and arthritis.

  • Daily exercise will help to ward off boredom, anxiety and frustration your pup may have.  This will help to prevent your dog from destructive behaviors in your home.

  • With daily exercise, your dog will be happier, healthier and calmer at home!


Doggy Playdates is a fully insured organization that puts safety and health as top priorities. Therefore, we are Cat & Dog First Aid and CPR Certified. 

Doggy Playdates - Cat & Dog First Aid an
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Contact us for a complimentary meet and greet!


*10 months and older - For growth health, we start your dog as soon as their bones are ready. 

*Great dog park etiquette- plays well with others, great recall to voice command. 

*No aggressive behaviors please (I have an excellent dog trainer I can refer you to). 


Service Areas


We love large outdoor dog parks.

Our favorites are Cherry Creek, Glendale and Bear Creek Dog Parks! 

We're always looking for the best opportunity for our next location and spend our off time scouting that perfect place!

  • How do you know the dogs will play well together?
    There will be an interview meet and greet at a dog park near you in the evening or on the weekend. The meet and greet will ensure that the pack plays well together and that there is adequate dog etiquette.
  • What is the age range of the dogs?
    Dogs of a variety of ages are able to join us. For young dogs, we ask that the dog be at least 10 months old. For older dogs, we do not have an age restriction, but they must be in a health condition that allows for them to play with other dogs and engage in exercise.
  • What happens during bad weather?
    Rain or shine, Doggy Playdates will continue as normal. Although, if the weather becomes unsafe, then we will pull the pups inside the car to protect them from those elements. Then, we will either bring the dogs back out to play, or bring them home if it is not expected to return to safe conditions.
  • Do you go out on hot days?
    Yes, we go out everyday! During hot days, we take shaded breaks and bring plenty of water for all pups.
  • Do I get updates on my dog during the play date?
    Yes! During every Doggy Playdate, you will get at least one picture of your pup exploring, playing or relaxing.



Reserve your Playdate, change your pet's visits.

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Receive photos, updates, and notes on your smartphone while we play.

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